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as the world's largest economy is facing a double-dip concern, according to the White House on Thursday. "We're obviously very aware of the fact that Americans feel economic unce

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northern part of the country, with the disease contracted in part after people drank infected river water.(Xinhua/AFP Photo) SANTO DOMINGO, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) - At least 20 people w

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their crop because of a flood or drought, they will be allowed to borrow up to 4,000 reais (2,574 U.S. dollars) a month to keep up, and their debt with the bank will be annulled,"

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to the streets of downtown Chicago on Tuesday in a May Day protest against economic inequality and corporate influence in government. Led in part by Occupy Chicago, the local bran

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42.7 million dollars face value of their bankruptcy claims. The executives in the suit are Kerry Killinger, the company's former chief executive; Stephen Rotella, its former pres

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al year. SANTO DOMINGO, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- Bahamanian authorities said Wednesday they had rescued a group of 170 Haitian and two Dominican migrants after their boat capsized in t

把叶修绑住 -想要孩子

re a controversial Arizona immigration measure was met with a backlash. U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are pictured with Oprah Winfrey during a taping