ittle on the matter. Many lawmakers and much of the public are weary of a decade of war, and some U.S. media are making the case that the recent crippling of al-Qaeda's leadership.

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said on Thursday. "My message to Congress has been that let's see if this short- term, phase-one deal can be completed to our satisfaction," Obama said at a press conference. Offi.

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a said Peru is a strategic partner for Brazil on a variety of issues, including trade, regional integration, and the infrastructure programs under the Inter-Oceanic Corridor plan. .

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dia. Laura Chinchilla, a female politician from the center-right National Liberation Party, was elected president of Costa Rica in May 2010. Other female politicians include Trinida.

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8 and 19. SANTIAGO, March 14 (Xinhua) -- The Chilean government on Monday defended its emergency plan of evacuating some coastal community in risk, after the earthquake and tsunam.

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house gas," Newman told Xinhua. Now two Midwest cities are getting creative with how they deal with their solid waste and have seen their recycling rate increase to more than 50 p .

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r program. Clinton arrived in Quito on Tuesday. She will also visit Colombia and Barbados. Related: New UN resolution on Iran would be "strong:" U.S. envoy Door still open to Iran f.

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American journalist who was captured by militants in Syria in November 2012, was shown on the video being beheaded by a masked militant from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Lev.

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re started. By Peter Mertz ASPEN, United States, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) -- Authorities were still searching on Monday for clues to a fiery plane crash that left the pilot dead and two oth.

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