the third quarter, other candidates in the GOP field pulled in much less. "We are proud of the 32 million we have raised for the campaign so far. This is just the start of the ef.

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ical troops from the Armed Forces, to ensure the security during the two-day summit. The authorities have established an "area of exclusion" or "area of extreme security" around th.

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rance, said the president. "Discrimination based on prejudices still exists and that is why we need a firm hand to totally eradicate discrimination in our country," he added. Under.

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congressionally chartered Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan estimates that waste and fraud have amounted to at least 31 billion, and possibly as much as 6.

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ly and telephone service. There are also problems with the sewage system. Meanwhile, Chile's Education Minister Monica Jimenez announced that the beginning of new school semesters .

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hua writer Ran Wei WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- After taking office in 2009, U. S. President Barack Obama vowed to pivot his administration's foreign policy focus from the Middl .

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icked," were among those who handed out environmental movement leaflets. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore shared his Earth Day messages on the screens in Times Square. Earth Day i.

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on leche, an anti-Havana soundbite. For decades, Versailles is the Cuban touchstone in Miami, Florida, where large numbers of Cuban immigrants live, and a gathering place for peop.

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he White House, voicing his hope that "they will join with Democrats in doing so again" in the immigration reform his administration is to push forward. Full story Mexico slams U.S.

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