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ve been trapped since Aug. 5, were confirmed alive on Aug. 22 and it had been estimated that the rescue would take four months. On Saturday, a 624-meter deep rescue tunnel was com

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Colombia's minister of foreign trade and then treasury minister. He also founded the Social National Unity Party. In July 2006, Santos became Colombia's minister of defense. During

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-Faisal, said a State Department statement. In discussing regional developments with her Saudi counterpart, Clinton underscored "the necessity of restraint" by the security forces

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psychotherapy and infusion therapy, among others. According to court documents, the defendants allegedly participated in schemes to submit claims to Medicare for treatments that w

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clear Security Summit at the Washington Convention Center in Washington,April 13,2010 0.(Xinhua/Li Xueren) WASHINGTON, April 13 (Xinhua) -- World leaders or international organiza

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ubadebate quoted Venezuelan journalist Mario Silva as saying. Silva had traveled to the Cuban capital city of Havana earlier this week to interview the "historical leader and to di

older俄罗斯older青年 -波涛胸涌

day, Mexican National Seismologic Service announced. (Xinhua/Pedro Mera) MEXICO CITY, April 18 (Xinhua) -- A 7.0-magnitude earthquake shaked shouthern Mexico at 9:27 local time (14