in the city's Chinatown, generated great fervor for the revolutionary cause. Man, a Hong Kong immigrant, said the community was so moved by Dr. Sun's speeches that donations came i.

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publican in California. Nearly six in 10 Hispanics in the state intend to vote to re-elect Obama in the November presidential balloting, almost four times the number who supports .

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on Americans are expected to vote, with national opinion polls showing Obama and Romney deadlocked in a race that will be decided in a handful of states, where it is extraordinar.

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s privacy practices and growing global presence, The Wall Street Journal pointed out. Last year, Facebook also hired White House economic adviser Marne Levine to serve as its vice .

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nt the policy as described in December and do not believe further adjustments are required at this time," Obama said in the letter sent to the Senate and House of Representatives.

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ted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the inauguration of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Saturday and Clinton returned the greeting. Besides, they had a "b .

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ho topped the list and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The magazine said Rousseff's embrace of a more pragmatic and capitalist approach after appointed as Brazil's ministe.

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o high school. Tamara Vrooman, CEO of Canada's largest credit union, Vancity Credit Union, received the award for women in business and the professions. Vrooman said that even in a.

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ntries, restrained by their financial limitations, still closed their doors to the migrants. The United States, which is mainly responsible for the crisis, however, showed no sign.

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