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signing historic gun control legislation Wednesday, this western state's pro gun forces responded with anger and action, calling for the governor's resignation and repeal of the

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addition to the assault weapons, the buy-back haul was 953 handguns, 688 rifles and 330 shotguns, along with one anti-tank rocket launcher recovered in South Los Angeles. "People

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d in opening remarks that the U.S. labor market and the overall economy are performing "far short of" their potential. Yellen said although the economy is "significantly stronger"

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ARACAS, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on his Twitter account Monday that he has returned home after a two-month cancer treatment in Cuba. "We have arri

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i, Chilean Interior Minister Jose Hinzpeter said on Friday. "We understand that the people do not only live on material aid, there are also symbols and the President and political

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America's most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group on Monday that President Barack Obama is "not bluffing" on his promise to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. "The presid

最新黄资源盒子免费版 -长tv直男少爷飞机直播

rning to any company that chooses to break the law," said James Cole, the deputy attorney- general. Meanwhile, GSK CEO Andrew Witty said in a separate statement: " On behalf of GS