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he Americas in Colombia in April. WASHINGTON, May 16 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Friday "strongly" urged the government of Iraq to ensure the safety of the civilia

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LaHood said the money will be used for the purchase of 48 new passenger rail cars and 7 locomotives that will be equipped to travel at high speeds. The funding comes from the two

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GMT) and lasted till 10:20 p.m. (0320 GMT Saturday), the report said. The main topic, according to Cubadebate, was the need of scientists and intellectuals to join hands to preven

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e evacuated Tuesday, most of them women and children, while men will be allowed to stay more time so they can move their animals. Chile's National Emergency Office (Onemi) confirm

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ivil Defense urged all residents in tsunami inundation zones to evacuate immediately. "Leave all coastal evacuation zones immediately. Refer to Hawaiian Telcom or Paradise Pages f

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ers during the G20 summit in Seoul that assigning a training and technical mission, as opposed to a combat mission, was within the authority of the prime minister. "My position is,

安卓夜恋支持手机精品 -亚洲欧美免费无码专区

ze what he called "a unique opportunity" to do something big to balance the nation's finances. U.S. Treasury warned that the federal government is at risk of default on its financ