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ith trustworthy products. We also welcome more Chinese friends to travel here," said Malmierca. BYD entered Cuba in 2014 with the first order of 40 passenger vehicles and was list

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a's Benghazi immediately after their debate began. Picking up the Romney campaign's usual tone, Ryan slammed the Obama administration's weakness on foreign policy, saying it took t

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rease. Ben Bernanke's term expires Jan. 31. Obama has nominated him as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve for the second term last year. The Senate will vote for it before the en

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the president is using his wide administrative power to give some relief to the economy, to "put Americans back to work and strengthen the economy because we can't wait for Cong

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Army (ELN). Maduro said in a press statement that after eight years of diplomatic and military failures, Uribe leaves a country in war, a country isolated from the Latin American

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ventura port. BOGOTA, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Colombian Navy has seized 1.1 tons of cocaine on a small boat captured in the Pacific Ocean close to international waters, a navy spo

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ities of searching for and exploiting minerals in the area. Soevndal was happy about the new borderline. "I am extremely satisfied with this agreement. It marks the end of a long r