large numbers of people under the rubble of the capital city. The earthquake struck at about 4:53 p.m. local time (2153 GMT) ,which was centered 15 km southwest of the capital cit.

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s regions already are saturated with water, it will not take more than a few days before the continued rains make mountain slopes give in, rivers break their banks and lead to de.

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adquarters Tuesday night, Gingrich touted his campaign's ability to stay alive despite difficult odds. He said the campaign is full of "bunny rabbits" who ran through but he remai.

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aining, child care and other services to help families transition from welfare to work. -- Full-spectrum Medi-Cal services for 48,570 new legal immigrants and 65,000 undocumented p.

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k Obama talked with a dozen Silicon Valley high-tech superstars at a diner Thursday evening, a session aimed at focusing on job creation, innovation and education. SILICON VALLEY .

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outh Kordofan on June 5 and has escalated to involve artillery and helicopters. The violence comes just weeks before South Sudan is due to become an officially independent country .

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has confessed after his arrest that he was a Russian agent operating under a false identity, a U.S. prosecutor said Thursday. The suspect, a resident of Yonkers, New York, confesse.

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Adjustment Act", which gives preferential treatment to the Cubans who land on the U.S. shores. According to a 1995 agreement, Washington promised to repatriate Cuban illegal immi.

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Bully I drilling rig will begin work for Shell on its Mars B Olympus development, Shell said. The rig and a similar one, the Noble Bully II, are designed jointly by Shell and Noble.

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