they now constitute fully half of the workforce," Obama said. "They actually constitute probably more than half of the money that's coming in to middle-class families. And busine.

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ruled that Schiavi and Claudio Cirigliano, one of the owners of TBA, cannot leave the country. President Fernandez on Feb. 28 ordered to bring under government control TBA company.

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e said that a 70-year-old passenger died from his injuries on Monday morning at St. Barnabas Hospital. Thirteen passengers died at the scene of the crash in Bronx on Saturday mor.

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Back in January 2009, the German police uncovered an international network of child pornographers with connections in Brazil during a major crackdown, which led to the Brazilian o.

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state which traditionally holds the nation's first primary, for more events than any declared candidate. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who has announced decision to seek.

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ce Officers' Association ( CPOA), the California State Sheriffs' Association (CSSA), Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC), the Association for Los Angeles County Deputy .

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. These were two of the recommendations made Friday when retired B.C. Court of Appeals Justice Thomas Braidwood released his second and final report on the death of Robert Dziekans.

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per copy - and some reliability problems. Still, it provides more speed, protection and firepower than the Marine Corps' current amphibious vehicle -- a Cold War relic that has be.

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ms by the U.S. company. "Exxon Mobil has been attacking the sovereignty of our nation continuously during the last seven years since we nationalized our oil industry," said Ramirez.

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